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Welcome To Long Island's Newest Addition To The Radio Family!
WLIX 93.3/94.7FM has evolved and grown with you over the years, and now presents a musical feast of songs long vanished from the Long Island airwaves.

A wonderful mix of easy favorites without all the nonsense and chatter,
that will make you smile and help the workday fly by! Songs that you remember, but have searched the radio dial in vain.. until now!

"Easy Listening" Is Cool Again!
Artists that need no explanation.. Barry Manilow, Carole King, The Doobie Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Hall & Oates, Faith Hill, Bread, Simon & Garfunkel, The Carpenters, Mariah Carey, Chicago, Elton John, Celine Dion, and on and on...

The soundtrack of your life! You'll never have to look for another station that plays your songs ever again! Our commitment to you from your neighborhood radio station.

Now...go tune us in and let us turn you on.
  • Wlix Listen To ABBA

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  • WLIX Listen to Fleetwood Mac

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  • WLIX Listen to the Carpenters

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  • WLIX Listen to Marvin Gaye

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  • WLIX Listen to Barry Manilow

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  • WLIX listen to the Doobie Brothers

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  • WLIX Listen to Hall and Oates

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  • WLIX Listen to Elton John

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Our Supporters make it possible for us to bring you Long Island's Favorites. Please pay them a visit.
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Note from WLIX:
Unfortunately, as much as we all love summer, this time of year brings an event that is out of our control.. atmospheric tropospherics. Simply put trops, skips, ducting. Our signals are low power compared to many others and during these events, stations from as far as 600 miles away can come in and go on top of our signals. This causes noise and in some cases a total loss of our station on your receiver. Stations as far as Philadelphia, Providence, and even North Carolina can go over our translator signal on 93.3 FM. Our primary signal on 94.7 FM can and will be effected by a station in Newark, NJ., and adjacent channel 94.9 FM located out in the waters of Montauk. They can interfere and adversely effect our broadcasts on 94.7 FM and 93.3 FM.

So what to do? Be patient.. It is a common summer problem for all stations during the summer months. The most effected times are evenings and overnights. Unfortunately, it can linger through morning drive. As always, you can listen to the station anywhere on-line at or via Tune-In Radio.

As a side note, every station even the big boy$ are being effected as well, so it isn't just our station. These "skip" events can send a station hundreds of miles from their normal service area, while at the same time make it impossible to listen to it in their local area! It would not be out of the realm of reason that our little station is being heard hundreds of miles away, while you can't hear us locally! So chances are if they are coming in here and effecting us, we are doing the same in their neighborhood. Now add all the stations running HD Radio to the equation, and we have invented AM radio noise across the entire FM band. Digital technology.. way to go.. again!!

So hang in there. This is a temporary situation that effects all broadcasters (full power or low) from time to time, and we thank you for your understanding.

Scotty Hart
President and General Manager
WLIX Radio
93.3 FM & 94.7 FM
Long Island's Easy Favorites!
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Samonas Prime Moving & Storage
3202 Sound Avenue, Riverhead
Phone: 631-821-1438

WLIX Podcast of Month
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What are our WLIX Listeners saying...

  • Finally, a radio station that I can lock on to. I don't have to keep jumping from station to station. Thank you for being there for us forgotten listeners. And, WOW you even have Casey Kasem! I've been telling everybody about you. Keep up the Great Sounds. New Loyal Listener John
  • Fantastic! I will advertise for you by word of mouth!!
  • I LOVE this music. Thank You for having such a nice station.
  • At last, a radio station that doesn't play worn out songs from the 70's and 80's, like those other radio stations on Long Island. Welcome and Thank you!
  • Billy Joel: The Innocent Man. Orleans: You're Still the one. Bette Midler: The Rose you guys are the best... I listen to you all day and all night.... love it love it love it! Thank you.
  • I can't really even believe your station is real... its just too good to be true. I'm amazed at the songs you find... its so awesome cause I constantly find myself telling my daughter about like each song and how I was like her age when they came out. Such great memories... makes me so happy to hear my old favorites.
  • I am loving your radio station! I have been a dj since the late 70s... and all the music you play brings back wonderful memories. You pull out some forgotten songs that are finally being heard again!
    George (GK the DJ)
I am loving your radio station! I have been a dj since the late 70s... and all the music you play brings back wonderful memories. You pull out some forgotten songs that are finally being heard again!
George (GK the DJ)
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