WLIX Goodbye

Hello, this is Scotty Hart. CEO, President, and General Manager of WLIX, Long Island’s Easy Favorites.

After 12 and a half years, WLIX has reached its conclusion and the end of its intended mission.

For years I could have only dreamed of one day putting a radio station on the air in a large radio market out of a room in my house, and to place a transmitting antenna in a tall tree in my backyard. And above all, associating myself with so many talented and giving friends and advertising supporters that assisted and guided me through the years.

From RadioX to Hope Radio to Long Island’s Easy Favorites, this has been a challenging experience full of love and purpose.

Now it is simply time to pass the torch and send a message that all people have the power to do what’s right. Everyone has the inner ability of positive change and making a difference in the world around them. No matter how YOU do it, it’s your turn!

I’d also like to welcome “The Breeze” which will be expanding its coverage to the east on 93.3fm beginning Sunday December 31st, New Year’s Eve.

This will be following the conclusion of WLIX’s broadcast at 12 noon. The music is similar, and my friends at “The Breeze” will be there for you as WLIX has all these past years.

Our final hour Sunday beginning at 11am, is dedicated to you. Presented the way WLIX has always delivered its message, through some of our most heartfelt and thought provoking music.

Thank you for listening, and helping WLIX make a difference on Long Island and around world.

With the utmost love to each and everyone of you, and my sincerest wish for peace one day for all of us…

For Now.. A Simple.. Goodbye………